The best day trips from Hobart – part one

Want to do a tour in Tasmania but short on time? A day trip from Hobart is the perfect solution.

We know there is a lot to see and do on this magnificent island. So much in fact, that we have a two-part blog series dedicated to day trips from Hobart. We’ve selected a few of our favourite destinations – some are famous must-see icons, and others are a little unexpected.

We offer day tours from Hobart that combine the island’s highlights so you can experience the best of Tasmania – from eating freshly shucked oysters, walking under the tallest trees in the world to enjoying breathtaking views from the top of a mountain. It’s time to start your wish-list.

kunanyi/Mt Wellington

It’s hard to believe there is a magnificent sub-alpine mountain only 20 minutes from the heart of Hobart. We have several day tours that include a visit to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. It’s a beautiful drive through temperate rainforest, sub-alpine flora, and past glacial rock formations before reaching the summit with breathtaking panoramic views over Hobart, the River Derwent, Bruny Island and the Huon Valley. During winter you might be treated to a fine blanket of snow. Make sure you bring a coat and beanie!

Wineglass Bay

Yep, there’s a reason Wineglass Bay is a bucket-list destination. Shaped like a wineglass with pristine sand and turquoise water and bordered by the striking pink-granite Hazards mountains, this exquisite cove is listed in the top 10 beaches in the world. Our day trip from Hobart explores the highlights of the Great Eastern Drive which meanders through quaint coastal towns, vineyards, and past secluded beaches on the way to Freycinet National Park. We stop for fresh oysters, have lunch at a vineyard and dessert at a berry farm.

Bruny Island

Welcome to paradise! This island off an island features long secluded beaches, spectacular sea cliffs, untamed national parks and tranquil waterways. Bruny Island is home to fairy penguins, albatross, fur seals and the rare white wallaby. Our day tour from Hobart ventures to the most southern point of the island to reveal a dramatic coastline with a heritage-listed lighthouse. We visit picturesque Adventure Bay and explore the island’s history. And you can’t visit Bruny without trying the gourmet produce it’s famous for – from freshly shucked oysters and artisan cheese to fudge, whisky and wine.

Big tree hunting

Tassie has some of the world’s largest and tallest flowering plants. We venture into hidden valleys surrounded by craggy mountains and take a closer look at what lies beneath some of the oldest and gnarliest trees. This is so much more than a walk in the woods – a knowledgeable botanist shares his passion and years of experience as you become immersed in the forest. The journey is half the fun with panoramic views of the coastline, harbour and mountains as we travel to the forested corners of this amazing island.

Hobart day tours

If you’re simply looking for a few ideas of how to experience Hobart in a unique way, book one of our Unexpected Day Adventures. Find out what ‘lies beneath’ Hobart on a captivating geology tour with a leading geoscientist. Walk around the original coastline of Sullivan’s Cove as the geoscientist discusses the layout of the first camp and how the geology and landscapes of the original shoreline influenced the settlement. Or set sail on a two-hour river cruise on the Derwent in a majestic historic tall ship – the SV Rhona H – a Hobart icon. Take the helm, help with the sails or sit back and enjoy the scenery. This is a beautiful way to see Hobart from a different perspective.

Got something else you’d like to do? Give us a call and we’ll see what we can arrange. We want to make sure you see the best of Tasmania on your holiday.
Too much choice for a one day tour? Check out our multi-day Unexpected Adventures in Tasmania.