Terms & Conditions

COVID Refund Guarantee: 

Special cancellation conditions apply to tours. Your tour is protected by our ‘COVID Refund Guarantee’. If you are unable to attend your tour due to imposed government restrictions that prevent you from freely (without a quarantine period) entering the region in which the tour is conducted, or by entering the region of the tour you would be unable to freely (without a quarantine period) travel home, we will refund you the full cost of the tour.

Cancellation Policy:
Giving you an enjoyable experience touring you around Tasmania is our first priority, however in rare and unfortunate circumstances there might be a possibility of cancellation after confirmation should there not be enough passengers on a particular tour or in case of severe weather conditions predicted. In the event of this occurring, we will give you a full refund or work with you to arrange an alternative tour.

One Day Tours: You can cancel your tour booking outside 7 days prior to the scheduled departure and receive a full refund less a 2% booking fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee refunds for tours cancelled by you within 7 days of your departure date. If your plans change, please contact us! We would love to work with you to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Multi-day tours:

For tours of two or more days, we require a 10% deposit that is non-refundable for cancellation reasons other than those outlined under our COVID Refund Guarantee outlined above. We require full payment 30 days prior to your tour. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee refunds for tours cancelled by you (for reasons other than those outlined under our COVID Refund Guarantee outlined above) within 30 days of your departure date. If your plans change, please contact us! We would love to work with you to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Accommodation Upgrade Policy:

Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd will make every attempt to confirm requests for accommodation upgrades, however accommodation upgrades cannot always be guaranteed. When an upgrade is not available, you will be booked into the standard accommodation included in the tour price and refunded the upgrade amount only. Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd will not refund your entire booking amount and will still expect to carry you on tour. If your booking is subject to you being guaranteed this accommodation upgrade, then please ensure you call our office in advance of your tour to check if it is available.

Extended Tour Travel Insurance Policy:

Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd highly recommends all passengers have travel insurance for the duration of the tour. You may need to provide proof of your travel insurance on the first day of your multi-day trip. You might not be able to join the trip without it. If you fail to produce the relevant insurance proof and you are not permitted to travel, we will not be liable for any fares forfeited for your tour.

Change of Date Policy:

Where possible Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd will try to honour change of date requests that are made with at least 7 days’ notice. This is not possible for all tours and is always subject to availability. Change of date requests that are made with less than 7 days’ notice will not usually be accepted. Change of date requests may be subject to an adjustment fee which falls in line with the cancellation fee structure.

Child Policy:

Children are permitted on most tours, however due to the nature and length of tours, it may not always be recommended. Please check with our reservations team for recommendations before booking. Child rates are available on most tours so please contact us for these. Due to limited luggage restrictions on buses, pushers and prams are not permitted on some tours. Please ensure you check with our reservations staff before you bring them along to the tour. Passengers who show up with these items on tours which do not allow them may be refused boarding without refund. Infants (under 2 years of age) are permitted on some of our tours however child restraints may not always be available. Please ensure you discuss your infant requirements with our reservations team before booking.

Luggage Policy:

Luggage for day tours: There are no luggage storage facilities on most day tours, please do not bring your luggage with you. Luggage may be stored with your accommodation provider for the day. Any inappropriate luggage presented on the departure day (including strollers) may result in refusal to board. Luggage for multi day tours: Maximum of 25kg per person unless otherwise indicated on the Tour Page. If you would like to discuss your luggage needs, please call our reservations team who will gladly assist.

Pick up and Drop off Services:

Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd may offer complimentary pickup and drop off services for certain tours. Each tour will have its own list of pickup / drop off locations. Please note it is your responsibility to be waiting out the front of your selected pickup location (accommodation provider) at least 5 minutes before departure. Failure to wait out the front of your selected location may result in the tour guide being unable to locate you, causing failure to load. Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for passengers who fail to load.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the tour details on their confirmation are correct and the contact details they have provided are up to date. It may be necessary for Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd to contact passengers regarding the tour prior to departure date. We recommend providing an Australian mobile number and checking your email regularly prior to your tour.


Tours do not include meals or drinks unless otherwise stipulated, however stops will be made during the day where refreshments can be purchased on the day.

Travel Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available in Australian Dollars and can be used to purchase any Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd tour products. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Gift vouchers are non-refundable or redeemable for cash. If the full balance of the voucher is not redeemed in one transaction, the balance will remain on the gift voucher with the same expiry date and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any cost exceeding the Gift Voucher value when redeemed will need to be paid by another payment method. You are responsible for the use and security of your Gift Voucher. Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd will not reimburse or replace any gift vouchers that have been lost, stolen or misused.

Communication Policy:

We may use the information you provide including your name, phone number and email address to contact you with booking information, product updates and promotional information. All marketing communications will provide you with an opportunity to opt out of further communications.


It’s important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you book the tour with us. Failure to do so could result in not being able to join the tour or being removed from the trip.  In this case no refunds will be given.

Tour Guide’s Responsibility

All our tours are run by a trip leader and it is imperative that passengers listen to their guide’s instructions in order to stay safe.  In regards to matters concerning passenger’s well-being and staying safe on tour, your guide will make all the decisions, and have the final say.  If you fail to respect the decision of your guide and/or fail to follow their instructions, disrupt the group or affect the mobility of the group, your guide can remove you from the tour effective immediately, with no right of a refund.

Acceptance of Risk

Some of our tours are adventurous and by booking our tours you acknowledge that there is a degree of personal risk.  You understand and accept you may be visiting remote areas, walking on rough terrain, and experiencing activities that require physical exertion that you might not be used to.  It is your own responsibility to make sure you understand the type of tour you are joining, the conditions you’ll be traveling in and the nature of your itinerary.

 Photos and Marketing

By participating on our tours you give Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd consent to use images taken of you whilst on the trip for advertising and promotional purposes, however we choose. You grant us full-rights in every sense (perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide) and you accept that this is an irrevocable license, which allows us to use images of you for advertising and promotional purposes. Please let us know in advance of your tour start date if you do not accept this.

Limitations of Liability:

Although every effort is made, Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any illness, injury, damages, loss, delay or failure to join the tour that may occur due to factors beyond our control. We highly recommend all passengers have travel insurance coverage. Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd retains the right to alter routes, itineraries, fares, inclusions, days of operation or even cancel tours if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Other accredited tour operators are likely to be used on some tours. Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd  is not responsible for the acts or errors of the companies, agents and individuals who work with us, and we do not accept liability for any failure or wrongdoing relating to companies, agents or individuals that we are associated with or work with as a result of operating our tours.

As much as it is possible under law, you will not hold Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd or any of our employees, agents and/or representatives liable for any loss, death, injury or damage, which you might experience (directly or indirectly) in connection with or as a result of coming on our tour.

As much as permitted by law, you agree to release Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd and any of our employees, agents or representatives from any breach of these Terms & Conditions; and you agree to waive any claims you make against us which, in someway, are related to your (or your dependants’) involvement on our tours.

You also agree that you will not hold Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd or any of our employees, agents and/or representatives liable under any condition or warranty implied by law into these Terms & Conditions (Implied Warranty).

When an Implied Warranty cannot be excluded under law, our liability in regards to the Implied Warranty is limited to, under our discretion, offer of a refund of the total monies you paid to us in relation to your booking.

Any claim of loss made by you against Tours around Tasmania Pty Ltd or any of our employees, agents and/or representatives, which is indirect or consequential loss, for example, loss of profits or income will be excluded.


If at anytime a term or condition written under these Terms & Conditions is unenforceable or void by operation of law or if it’s against public policy, or for any other reason, then that term or condition shall be taken out of our contract or amended accordingly.  It will be amended to a degree that will allow all remaining Terms & Conditions to remain obligatory.