Tasmania Unveiled

Discover Icons and Hidden Gems on this captivating 6-day journey from Hobart to the East Coast and Cradle Mountain






Unveil Tasmania on our captivating 6-day journey from Hobart to Launceston via the East Coast. At Tours around Tasmania we buck the trend, so this monthly tour is unlike any other. It is meticulously curated to offer a perfect blend of must-see locations, awe-inspiring natural…



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Tour Highlights
A group of tourists sitting at a table awaiting a meal
BBQ lunch and farm tour

Enjoy a delightful BBQ lunch and farm tour, where you can indulge in local flavors while taking in the surroundings of this working farm. This day promises an immersive farm experience in Tasmania’s heartlands, providing ample opportunities for relaxation, photography, and unveil Tasmanian authenticity. Photo credit: Tourism Australia

Cradle Mountain Credit Tourism Tasmania Chris Crerar
Cradle Mountain

The Cradle Mountain’s Dove Lake Walk unveils the mesmerizing beauty of Tasmania’s natural crown jewel. This scenic 1.5 hour walk takes you through pristine wilderness, ancient rainforests, and rugged alpine landscapes. As you immerse yourself in the serenity of Cradle Mountain National Park, you’ll witness the breathtaking vistas and pristine beauty that have made this region famous. Photo Credit Tourism Tasmania and Chris Crerar

Wineglass Bay shot from a lookout on the western side, showing the bay and peninsula at sunset
Wineglass Bay and other Natural Wonders

Explore the untamed beauty of the famous Wineglass Bay where pristine beaches and rugged landscapes create a breathtaking backdrop. Witness the sheer beauty of Russell Falls as water cascades down moss-covered rocks, immersing you in a world of serenity. Stand in awe of the majestic Tall Trees at Mount Field, towering giants that have witnessed centuries of nature’s secrets. Prepare to be enchanted by Tasmania’s extraordinary natural wonders. Photo credit Jason Charles Hill


Unveil the natural wonders and hidden gems of Tasmania on this unique 6-day tour, designed to visit our famous icons as well as unique experiences off the radar of most visitors. Tours around Tasmania's meticulously designed tour will immerse you in the breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and exquisite cuisine of this remarkable island.

From the moment you arrive in Hobart, you'll be embraced by the warm hospitality and beauty that Tasmania has to offer. Your journey begins with a memorable welcome dinner showcasing Tasmania's amazing produce through his spectacular culinary creations. As you savor each bite, you'll know that you're in for an extraordinary adventure ahead.

Setting off from Hobart, you'll venture to the Tasman Peninsula, a place of rugged beauty and fascinating history. Explore the renowned Port Arthur Historic Site, where you'll step back in time and uncover the stories of Australia's convict past. Marvel at the towering cliffs and magnificent sea caves as you visit the Remarkable Cave, an impressive natural wonder carved by the relentless forces of nature. Delve into the intriguing world of mushroom farming in a unique environment, where you'll discover the art and science behind cultivating these delectable fungi.

Returning to Hobart, indulge in a delightful seafood experience where the freshest local catch takes center stage. The flavors of the ocean mingle with the views of the waterfront, creating a dining experience to remember. Rest and rejuvenate in your comfortable 4-star accommodation, preparing for the next leg of your journey.

The Derwent Valley and Mount Field National Park await your exploration. In Mount Field, venture deep into lush forests where towering trees create a cathedral-like ambiance. Discover the iconic Russell Falls, cascading in a mesmerizing display of nature's power and beauty. A sumptuous BBQ lunch awaits you at a picturesque farm, offering an opportunity to savor local flavors while immersing yourself in the rural charm of Hamilton. Unwind in a cozy farm stay, where the tranquility of the countryside envelops you.

As you embark on the next leg of your adventure, the East Coast beckons with its pristine beaches and captivating wildlife. First, at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, encounter unique native animals, including the beloved Tasmanian devil. Explore the historic Richmond Village, with its charming Georgian architecture and fascinating heritage. Then we continue to the scenic Great Eastern Drive, winding along the coastline and revealing breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Arriving in Coles Bay, indulge in an exquisite a la carte dinner, where culinary delights perfectly complement the serene coastal ambiance. Your 4-star accommodation offers a haven of comfort and relaxation, preparing you for the wonders to come.

A highlight of your journey is the visit to Wineglass Bay, one of Tasmania's most iconic destinations. Embark on a memorable hike to the Wineglass Bay Lookout, where panoramic views of the azure bay and pristine white sands await. Replenish your energy with a delightful lunch at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, where the flavors of the region tantalize your taste buds. At Ashgrove Cheese, savor the artisanal cheeses crafted with passion and expertise, showcasing Tasmania's rich dairy heritage.

Cradle Mountain, the jewel in Tasmania's natural crown, invites you to discover its untamed beauty. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Dove Lake as you embark on a scenic walk, surrounded by ancient forests and towering peaks. As the evening descends, immerse yourself further in the magic of Cradle Mountain with an optional night spotting tour or soar above the landscapes with a helicopter ride, gaining a new perspective on this majestic wilderness (cost not included).

The town of Sheffield, adorned with vibrant murals, adds a touch of artistry to your journey. Your adventure culminates at3:30pm at Launceston airport, where you bid farewell to Tasmania, carrying cherished memories of its natural wonders, cultural heritage, and gastronomic delights. Alternatively we can drop you off at your hotel in Launceston if you wish to continue your Tasmanian adventure.

Unveiled Tasmania is more than a tour, it's an immersive experience that takes you on a journey of discovery, connecting with the essence of this extraordinary island. From its iconic destinations to its hidden treasures, Tasmania unveils its secrets, leaving an indelible impression on your heart and soul.

Photo credits: Tourism Australia, Hype TV, Maggie (Google local guide), Brian Dullaghan, RACT Destinations, Luke Tscharke, Jason Charles Hill, Cultivate Productions, Stu Gibson, Jasper Da Seymour,

What's also included on every TAT tour:
Modern and comfortable air-conditioned transport
Orientation tour of each and every location
Small group sizes
Utmost care and professional service
What’s also included this tour:
5 nights accommodation at 4-star hotels
5 x breakfasts, 2 x lunches, 5 x dinners
Admission to Port Arthur Historic Site and Harbour Cruise
BBQ and Farm Tour
Admission to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
All National Park Fees
Mushroom Farm Tour