Meet the specialists

What makes our Unexpected Adventures unexpected? The expert guides who share their passion and insights about Tasmania.

We catch up with three specialist expert guides on our tours – a forest ecologist, geologist and historian – who will take your experience of Tasmania to the next level.

Meet Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness – Expert Ecologist

“I guess I’m a bit of a tree nerd. More specifically, a specialist in forest ecology, looking at trees as places and individuals. My background is forest canopy science: climbing trees and mapping their branches. When on tours, I try to find a way to link back to those concepts.

I’ve chased trees around the world since 1999, and have had the chance to climb and study some of the world’s tallest and largest flowering plants.

On a private or small group tour, I try to equip guests with a tool kit that they can take to the forest to get a deeper understanding of trees.

I came to Tasmania and discovered it’s one of the world’s finest destinations for a forest ecologist.  As a student, I did the first on-ropes biodiversity surveys of the Giant Eucalyptus forest canopy, and have also been involved in projects with the long-lived Huon and King Billy Pines.

In particular, I like to look at the small things – mushrooms, mosses and beetles.  There’s so much diversity in Tasmania’s spectacular forests, and everyone can find something that captures their interests. It’s an experience like no other.”

You’ll meet our specialist expert guide Yoav on Forests of the Deep South Ecology Tour, Big tree Hunting in Mt Field National Park, and Tasman Peninsula Walking Experience. We can also organise a private experience.

Meet Hannah Moore – Geology Specialist

“I have a particular passion for communicating science. My expertise is earth science and geology. Currently I am undertaking a PhD in Volcanology at the University of Tasmania.

The Tasman Peninsula is one of my favourite areas of Tassie and I feel so lucky to be guiding there. I do tours along the Cape Raoul Track to see the spectacular giant dolerite columns, some of the tallest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere. Then there is the nearby Shipstern’s bluff, a sedimentary headland and one of the wildest and most dangerous surf spots on the planet!

I share knowledge about the geological history of Tasmania with particular focus on the events that lead to the formation of the dolerite columns and some of the most fascinating (and mysterious) features within the dolerite. I often share other little nuggets of knowledge about the wildlife and history of the area, too.

I’ve met some wonderful people while guiding for Tours around Tasmania. I was spoilt on my first guiding trip with eight women visiting from Sydney. After the Tasman Peninsula Walking Experience, they invited me to share cocktails and a generous platter we had prepared. It was the perfect end to a fun trip.

The Tours Around Tasmania experiences are super special because they are a rare opportunity to explore your curiosity with subject matter experts. This type of experience isn’t offered anywhere else in Tasmania — it’s truly unique!”

You’ll meet Hannah on the Tasman Peninsula Walking Experience.

Meet Peter Lutz – Specialist Expert History Guide

“My background is in hospitality and tourism. I run The Salamanca Story Walk. This experience explores the dark side of Tasmania’s colonial history. Including the tales of hardship and woe of early settlement – where whalers drank, convicts fought and shady characters took refuge. The stories are hidden in the walls of the beautiful colonial architecture in Salamanca and Battery Point.

My tours have evolved over the years. While storytelling is a key element to the walks, listening to what people want from the experience shapes each walk and day differently.

The tours used to be much shorter and focused solely on the history of the area. But once I began listening to my clients, I realised they wanted other things, too – like local insights. So, I started to include popular attractions, suggestions for restaurants and local events.

This is where my style of tour works well with Tours Around Tasmania. Because we both listen to what our guests want from a tourism experience. Our shared passion for Tasmania unites us and how we manage our experiences. We want to excel in the quality and standard of tourism in Tasmania.

We are both constantly looking for improvements and ways to stand out from the ‘average tour guide’. You have to give 100 per cent with every experience and having specialists on the ground to provide these insights separates our tours from the everyday tour. Because no one knows Tasmania better than the locals.”

You’ll meet Peter on the Salamanca Story Walk.

Want to discover more? Give us a call, we can create a custom tour for you with one or more of our specialist expert guides.