Meet a guest

A personal account of an Unexpected Adventure.

There’s no better way to find out about our experiences than to ask someone who has participated.

We caught up with Sarah Rodgers, who took part in the Tasman Peninsula Walking Experience, to discover what made her trip so special.

How long was the tour?

Four days and three nights.

What month did you do the experience and how was the weather?

We did it in February. It was sunny and 24 degrees each day. It was perfect walking weather. There was one light shower of rain on the last day for 5 minutes. Which at least then justified us having our rain jackets!

Did you do the trip with friends or on your own?

I did the experience with a group of seven women. Some I knew well and some were friends of friends.

Did you have any specialist guides? If so, how were your learnings?

Yes! We had three specialist guides: an historian, geologist and ecologist/tall tree expert. The guides added an interesting dimension to the walks with a wealth of knowledge in their specialist area. It was fascinating to get a deeper insight into what we were standing on, standing under and the history of this little island.

What was the food like?

We were spoilt with delights from the local Tasmania  providores – from showstopper sourdough sandwiches and tasty snacks to sustain us to refreshing thermos tea and coffee. Everything was packaged thoughtfully, respecting our environment.

After the walks each day, we had an amazing antipasto platter waiting for us to enjoy with our sundowner cocktail. This was prior to our three-course dinner at our lodge! Needless to say, we never went hungry.

What were the highlights for you?

Location location location! An amazing unspoiled part of the world provides the perfect backdrop for a four-day adventure.

The experience was the perfect balance of short and medium hikes.

The Pennicott Wilderness boat tour on day four was a personal highlight. After walking on top of the soaring sea cliffs, it was incredible to see the peninsular from a different perspective.

What made this tour different to other experiences you have had when travelling?

The personalised nature of the tour made for a unique experience. The attention to detail and small group size made it feel personal. There were no early starts, flexibility to walk at our speed, and the opportunity to just stop and chat when we felt like it. The guest guides were passionate about their area of expertise and keen to share their knowledge.

Most importantly, all of us had fun each day with lots of laughs. It was perfect for a well-earned holiday… and we were lucky to see a double rainbow  in the last night over the bay.

Do you feel it gave you a different perspective of Tasmania?

Absolutely – each day on the tour we felt like we were being taken out by friends and they were showing us around their own backyard in Tasmania, not on a generic tour at all!